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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't tense up while pumping

I've found that when your pumping the worst thing you can do is tense up or stress out. You need to be calm collected and focused on your little bundle of joy to be able to extract as much milk as possible. I know it seems very odd to think that our mood will dictate what we pump, but its true. This can be hard when your pumping at work, because of the environment your in. Different moms use different tricks while they are pumping. Some moms, bring a picture of there child, others bring there phone with videos and picture of there loves. I do a combination of things. I find relaxing for me includes finding a way to think of my son (who i am pumping for) by either running through in my head things we did the night before, watching videos of him on my phone and just enjoying thinking of him. other times i flip through a magazine or play games on my phone. Anything that gets me to relax in a high pressure work environment. Also try not to stress on the time, it'll work against you. I find that when I'm really pressed for time, and trying to fit my pumping time in between my appointments, I pump less and I end up needed to use a emergency frozen pack for the next day. That's the most frustrating part when I work so hard to get a stash of frozen breast milk and then need to use it because I cant relax. Its suppose to be for emergency not for non relaxing pumping sessions... So I guess my point is RELAX, easier said than done right!


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  2. I miss breastfeeding... My daughter's already 6. I stopped when she was 1.5 yrs old.

    Yes, back then, I realized that I produced more milk when I was relaxed. I used to read a book to calm me down when breastfeeding.

  3. New follower...I miss breastfeeding too!! My son is 3, so it's been like two years...maybe it's time for anther one!? lol