You can breast feed and Work! Ever have trouble breast or bottle feeding? How about the transition from one to the other?


This blog is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, stories, successes, and even your failed attempts at this transitioning game. Your thoughts are important to mom's all across the world who are in the same boat as you.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Breastfeeding in Public

I do know this topic is a controversial one. Especially with the latest Time magazine publishing the picture of mom and child breast feeding at the age of four. I think breast feeding in public as long as its discrete is totally fine. Ive only done this a few times myself, in emergency situation with my two kids. Other than that I prefere the on fort of my own home. With that being said I do not mind another woman feeding her child in public areas as long as she's not trying to display herself doing it. I'm sure I'll get mixed reviews posting this but those are my personal feelings on the matter. I feel that Time magazine did not post that picture to have people become aware of breast feeding. I truly believe they did it to draw attention and sell copies. It could have been done classier! So what is everyone else opinions on breast feeding in public?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weaning off breastmilk

Has it come time to start the weaning process for your little one? Have you reached the one year mark? I was so excited on Monday for our little one to turn 1 years old. Its bittersweet... He's no longer a baby but emerging as a curious toddler on the go. With him entering into the toddler years, it's time for me to step out of the breastfeeding. I'm happy with my accomplishment of one full year! But whats NEXT? Now how do I get him to transition from the breast milk that he loves so much to cows milk? And more importantly how to get rid of that bottle and use a sippy cup instead?
First off we introduced a sippy cup at 10 months old. (not necessarily to drink from it, but to start the introduction process, and eventually graduate him to using it full time) It helps that his sister uses one at every meal as well. He takes more of an interest in his own to copy his sister.) Little by little he learns how to get the liquid out of it into his mouth, and then to swallow it rather than spit it out. Actually the learning process in the whole food arena is comical to me. But by one years old they are fully equip to handling water and then milk in there very own sippy cup. Don't get me wrong I still will use the bottle for his mid afternoon milk, but working towards a big boy status is always a good thing. I started the other day slowly introducing cows milk and mixing it into my own breast milk. I started by using 4oz breast milk and 2oz regular milk the first and second day. I wanted to see if my son's stomach did OK with the addition of the cow's milk. Ill be slowly changing him over to all cows milk over then next couple of weeks.