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Monday, April 2, 2012

The inventor of the pump should be kissed!

I have to say even though I despise pumping after months and months of doing it at work, the inventor of the pump should be thanked! This is an irreplaceable item, that allows us working moms to continue to breast feed our children and work. Many of us today don't have the choice to be a stay at home mom. There are more and more families ever year that need two incomes, and that's nothing to beat yourself up over! The pump allows us working mom's to relieve some of our guilt of not staying home with the ability to feed our babies breast-milk.
So what exactly are the options of pumps to choose from:
There are two main sources of pumps. One being electric or battery-powered and the other one being manual. With those you can either single or dual pump. Its all in what you prefer. There is a bra online that actually holds the pump to make it hands free too. (such a great invention!)
Here is a great resource to help you figure out the in's and out's of picking out and using a pump.

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