You can breast feed and Work! Ever have trouble breast or bottle feeding? How about the transition from one to the other?


This blog is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, stories, successes, and even your failed attempts at this transitioning game. Your thoughts are important to mom's all across the world who are in the same boat as you.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Smarter than the average parent!

I feel like babies are so much smarter than us as parents! Especially when it comes to transitioning them from breast feeding to bottle feeding. If your a working mom you know the feeling of needing your baby to take kindly to a bottle. And when it doesn't happen, true panic sets in!

"Ever think about what would happen if your maternity leave runs out and your vacation and personal days are all used up, and baby will not take a bottle?" Then what???

Start the transition as soon as your infant is nursing well. Obviously you want to avoid nipple confusion, so let your newborn get the hang of it first. But don't wait to long to introduce a bottle, you might get into a tough situation. I've talked to some moms, where they never actually made the transition. They went from breast to sippy. Some babies just wont take the bottle! Where others first try and they got it.


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