You can breast feed and Work! Ever have trouble breast or bottle feeding? How about the transition from one to the other?


This blog is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, stories, successes, and even your failed attempts at this transitioning game. Your thoughts are important to mom's all across the world who are in the same boat as you.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Is Working..... Working?

Many of use get to that point after we have kids that we think to ourselves is working in the workplace really worth it? Here's a couple ways to see if your on the right path... Maybe its a choice, maybe its a need -- where do you fall?
One of the biggest concerns is can we make ends meet with only one income? Learning how to calculate you debt-to-income ration is important for your household.
If you follow the above links it'll walk you through the easy way to do that!

Another concern is what to do when the kids go to school and how to get back into the work field. Many people think taking off so much time, they will have to start at the bottom and work there way up.

Who will be watching your kids if you are not? In-Home or out of home nanny service, daycare, grandparents, or relative? Which is the better fit for your family. Every choice has positives and negatives attached to it.

Can you work part-time or flex time? If you've been at your position or company for a while, sometimes they will let you work a flex schedule or part time hours to accommodate your families schedule.

Can you or your spouse handle the demands of staying home? Staying home is an unpaid full time job, that never gets as much credit as it deserves!!!