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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lack of support the workplace

Why is there no support for breast feeding moms who are working. Breast feeding is becoming more common every day that passes. With the hospitals no instituting lactation consultants, teaching classes, and educators on the benefits of choosing this, why haven't all employers followed suit?

Yes there may be a few companies that truly support this movement for the right reasons, but most's attitudes are just to put up with it. And that's just a shame. If companies would take the stand of building a healthy country, community and employee staff, they should realize that this is where it starts.

Breast feeding babies their first year of life has monumental benefits that out-weigh any argument. An employer should support this choice and embrace it. But for most its a daily struggle to get in pump time at work, and not feel guilty about the time. Its a hassle to remind your employer what lawfully is required to provide as a comfortable space to pump. Its an extra strain on mom's sleep habits to choose to nurse. But in the end its all worth it!

Learn your states requirements for your self and know you always have a choice

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