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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Picking out a bottle and introducing

Which bottle is which? ! Baby stores are ripping us off, it's a money pit for moms and dads!
After a month of trying I stood in a very prominent baby store and the sales woman said to me have you tried all the bottles on the wall? With the look of defeat I said yes. Since she had nothing else to sell me, she had no more advise to give.
--- Where do you go when everything else has failed? We went back to our original choice of bottles. Our trusty steed: Dr Brown's this is what worked for my daughter why was my son so different.
Always switching bottles and not being consistent in my opinion was one of the problems. He'd start sucking on one and then his tongue would get in the way, and then cry and cry and cry. Or he just wanted mom instead of any bottle. Babies are smart, sometimes smarter than us. They know what they want, and its not the bottle!
Here's a list of the major players both bottle and nipple choices:
1) Dr. Brown's (my personal choice)
They offer the Standard bottle, wide-neck, and glass. I like this bottle because of the Internal Vent System. Both my children took to this bottle the best.
2) Philips AVENT
3) Playtex
4) Nuk (orthodontic nipple has had good reviews)
5) Soothie – just like the binkies from the hospital
6) Tommee Tippee
7) First Years – breastflow bottle, has gotten many positive reviews from parents
8) EvenFlo
9) MAM
10) Born Free
11) Green Sprouts
12) Think Baby

All bottles have their positives and negatives. No matter what you choose be confident.
 Try to get your baby acquainted with whatever bottle you choose early, but seeing it, touching it way before you ever are going to use it.  

What is your preferred bottle and why?

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