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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's hard to keep focused pumping during the holidays

With so much happening during the holidays, its so hard to make time to pump. At work you have your year winding down. Holiday parties! and more holiday parties..... shopping, wrapping, celebrating! Its just a busy time. Its OK to use some of your storage but don't forget that if you don't keep pumping consistent, your body reads that as a lower demand for milk. In turn your body produces less! We've all been there where we are struggling to pump enough for the next days bottles! Here are some tips to help with your time management:
- Make a schedule and stick to it. -- eventually this becomes second nature if you stick to it
- Put an extra feeding in at night before bed, to help with better production, if you've missed a feeding or two during the day.
- Keep taking your prenatal! (don't get lazy here)
- Don't skimp on your pumping time.
- Understand that if your milk production drops its a good week to two weeks of hard work on your part to get it back up.

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