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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clogged Duct

It happens to the best of us! When one of our ducts clog from breastfeeding. It can happen for a couple different reasons. One you go long periods of time with out breastfeeding and you get overfilled. Two: your not keeping the surface clean. Changing your breast pads frequently and only allowing baby to breastfeed from the nipple was one of the only ways I avoided this during my years of feeding. But once its clogged (and it does happen) how do you un-clog it? You unclog it by breastfeeding! Your pump is not strong enough. But the baby is! I know this idea seems so weird.. but until it's unclogged it will hurt. Actually a clogged duct can turn into something more serious if not taken care of or cleared out. It can cause infection so if your unsure of what is happening consult you doctor or lactation consultant and they will be able to direct you in the right way.

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  1. I have had a bit of this experience, my first son was not quite an eater and he always left me heaving and dripping. Thanks for the info.
    Found you on CCBN and now follow you via GFC.
    Have a great day!